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Rusty Desert Survival 3D Full

4.2 ( 8592 ratings )
Gry Przygoda Symulacje
Desenvolvedor: Tayga Games OOO
19.99 USD

Explore fantastic steampunk world inhabited by dwarfs with Rusty Desert Survival 3D!

Your hero is a demon hunter exploring desert island. It used to be a green blooming valley, but now it’s occupied by demon who captured dwarfs and turn this place into seared rusty desert!

Explore this steampunk island turned into a desert with this survival simulator, stay alive and free dwarfs! Your main goal is to survive, make this island livable would be great. Salvage all the tools and weapons that may help you to explore this rusty steampunk island! Use your survival skills to stay alive, battle against demons and discover the secrets of this mysterious place with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Hunt for fantastic animals to make it your next meal, find water, weapons and survival tools to stay alive and free this steampunk world from demons! Try yourself as a demon hunter battling against evil with this island survival simulator in 3D!

Explore rusty desert dangers! Mind character indicators - health, water and fullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive in this desert place! Find survival tools, weapons and meds or craft your own ones – it could help you to stay alive and withstand demons! Enjoy your time on this desert island with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Upgrade your survival skill with this ultimate steampunk simulator, battle against demons and find your own way to survive!

Control demon hunter with a joystick, explore steampunk world, find survival tools and turn this rusty desert into a blooming valley inhabited by dwarfs! Beware of powerful demons ready to attack you! Find guns and other weapons to protect yourself from demons occupied this desert island or even battle against them! Fight against powerful bosses, upgrade your battling and survival skills and use all your exploration with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Stay alive at all cost. The help of a demon hunter is the last chance for dwarfs to free their steampunk home from evil demons!
Find different survival tools or craft your own and be ready for desert island adventure! Upgrade survival skill exploring unusual steampunk world – hunt for animals to maintain your health rate, find useful tools and weapons, explore everything around and unraveling mysteries with Rusty Desert Survival 3D – great survival simulator for all ages!

Rusty Desert Survival 3D features:

- Great survival simulator in great steampunk environments
- Use different weapons or other survival tools and craft youe own ones
- Detailed 3D graphics
- Get rid of demons and turn this rusty desert into a blooming valley
- Mind character indicators to stay alive

Help dwarfs as a demon hunter with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Upgrade your hunting, battling and exploring skill with this survival simulator and kill all the demons to make this rusty desert blooming again! Discover secret places, find treasures and survival tools, and thrive in this steampunk environment with Rusty Desert Survival 3D!